please note: 

 Orders over 100 pieces has to be given at least 2 weeks notice.

All orders under 100 pieces Needs at least 1 week Notice.

Weddings and baby showers 2 monthes notice. 

heart of the mkhabez

£ 1 

almonds heart decorated with sugar paste flower


Almond's lozonge (makrout el louz)

£ 1 

Almond's lozonge coverd with homemade frosting 


exotic bracelet (keekaat)

£ 1.30 

bracelet shaped cookie made with homemade pastry and filled with almonds. decorated with homemade marzipan's fruits .


Dziriyette with flowers

£ 1 

cupcake stye algerian traditional sweet filled with almonds and decorated with flowers and golden dragees. soaked in sugar syrup.


Mshewek ( Almond's ball with glazed cherry)

£ 1 

Almond's ball covered with flacked Almonds and decorated with glazed cheery


Keftah Tajine

£ 2 

Almonds marzipan  filled with mixed nuts ,biscuits and mealted chocolate 


MKHABAZ (gift boxes)

£ 1.40 

Almonds mkhabaz in the shape of square gift boxes



£ 1 

home made pastry filled with almonds


Almonds Kefta filled with Mixed nuts

£ 1.10 

A traditional sweets one of the most delicious cakes , made with a thin layer on home made marzipan and filled with mixed nuts and turkish halva.


skandraniettes with almonds

£ 1 

almonds cookie covered with a very thin layer of coloured homemade pastry.


green almond's grandma's bag (rezma)

£ 1 

handmade grandma's travel bag

(razma) filled with almonds .


princess rose in flowers

£ 1.20 

handmade rose decorated with small flowers

made with almonds .


knidlettes (Almond Basket )

£ 1.50 

handmade basket filled with Almond


blue tcherek with flowers

£ 1 

tcherek a traditional cookie filled with almonds  decorated with almonds' paste rose


Arayesh with almonds' decorated with marzipan

£ 1.20 

fun shape traditional cookie filled with almonds  decorated with almonds' paste flowers .

ps. colour of the icing can be changed.


Almonds' paste apple

£ 1 

Almonds paste apple filled with home made crashed biscuit and halva .


hazelnut mshawek

£ 1.30 

hazelnut mshewek (made with ground hazelnut and decoated with chocolate and hazelnut).


walnut mkhabaz

£ 1.30 

 A walnut version of mkhabaz decorated with homemade icing and chocolate stripes .


Pistachio Nest

£ 1.70 

Pistachio sweets decorated with pistachio halves.


Berber (kabyle) brooch Mkhabaz

£ 2 

Almonds Cake hand decorated ,

berber brooch theme.


Rose Kefta

£ 2 

A handmade Rose keftah filled with mixed nuts and biscuit's dough


Shabby chic pink and gray Mkhabaz

£ 1.40 

Round shape Almonds mkhabaz with stunning decoration.


Almonds paste fig

£ 1 

home made almond paste  purple fig with filled with  turkish halva and home made  biscuits.


Almonds' paste green grapes

£ 1 

home made almond paste  green grapes .


Almonds paste lemon

£ 1 

home made almond paste with a mixed filling of turkish halva and biscuits or a walnut


Almonds' paste water melon

£ 1 

Almonds paste water melon slice .


Almonds' paste mandarine

£ 1 

home made almond paste mandarine with filled with  a half walnut.


tcherek al ariyen

£ 1 

Algerian horn of the gazelle  filled with almonds and decorated with flaked almonds.


Makrout filled with dattes' paste

£ 0.90 

coarse semoulina filled with dattes paste and soaked in honey.


walnut Mshekla

£ 1.20 

algerian cuisine algerian sweets