Cake,sweets and cookies making class 

 Welcome to Hanaa Wa Shifaa Algerian cakes and sweets courses. 

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Remember, our course price includes all the ingredients and tools required to complete the course - You only need to bring your enthusiasm!

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£ 150 

1- for level one: We will be demonstrating 6 types of cookies starting with;       


- Greewesh


- Petit Four

-khobz Tunis,

-Makrout lassel 


LEVEL 2 Nuts only cakes and sweets

£ 200 

-Almonds balls with glazed cherry and flacked Almond (Mshwek)

- Almonds Mkhabez

-Walnuts Mkhabez

-Haselnuts balls with chocolate

-Makrout elouz with home made icing 



Level 3 Algerian Breads and savories

£ 150 

In this level you will learn how to make the most famous types in Algeria and definitly the most delicious bread and that includes :

-Khobz al dar( Matlou3,khobz khmeer)

-khobz ftir(kessra)

-khobz el koucha

-Mbarja (kessrat filled with dattes)



Level 4 Traditional cakes with a modern touch

£ 200 

in This level you will learn some well Known Sweets great tips and new decoration skills.

-Arayesh, tcherek.keekaat 

-Almonds fruits  *watermelon  apricot,grapes. peach




Level 5 Traditional sweets in new look

£ 200 

this level is the final where you will finish with the traditional sweets 


- dziriyettes


-princess rose



Please note: all the ingredients will be bought by the teacher and learners will take their own work home after each lesson
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