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An Algerian wedding is an occasion to taste at least three types of cakes beautifully presented in an pretty  box ,most Algerians offer other types of cakes to be eaten with tea like (Makrout, Greewesh ...ext) however the European style cake is also present.

Since we started our business we had the intention to help our valued clients to choose the best matching sweets and the most beautiful cakes we make.

The sweets colours can be changed depends on your wedding theme and colours as well as the wedding decorations.


wedding sweets collection

100 pcs Arayeshs

£ 90 

colour of your choice


100 pcs mixed Mhabaz

£ 90 

colours and shapes of your choice


plate and voile cover(pouch) pink/ cream/ white

£ 1 


blue square box with ribbon.

£ 0.55 



We are here to make your baby's Aqiqah as special as your baby. You only need to :

1- choose your cakes 

2- choose your theme

3- call us ,stand back and relax.

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